The benefits of magnesium supplementation

22 12 2016

MANILA, Philippines – Trianon International, which markets food supplements with scientifically proven health benefits, recently launched its brand of orally taken magnesium (Trimag 200 mg), which can help relieve constipation, maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keep the heart rhythm steady, and support a healthy immune system for better resistance against diseases.

According to Jo-Anne Arataquio, Trianon brand manager, among the many nutrients and minerals that circulate in the body, magnesium is one of those with many benefits but remain largely unnoticed and underappreciated.

“Magnesium is important in more than 300 chemical reactions that keep the body working properly, and this explains why magnesium has many health benefits,” says Arataquio. “It’s unfortunate that many don’t realize they are lacking in this important nutrient.”

Some people may become magnesium-deficient if they have conditions that cause excessive urinary loss of magnesium, chronic malabsorption, severe diarrhea, and chronic or severe vomiting.

Hypertensive or heart patients taking diuretics can also have increased loss of magnesium in the urine, as well as cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and immunosuppressive drugs, and those on some antibiotics like gentamicin and amphotericin.

Poorly controlled diabetes also increases loss of magnesium in the urine and may require magnesium supplementation. Routine supplementation with magnesium is not indicated for individuals with well-controlled diabetes.
Frequent alcohol intake can also increase risk for magnesium deficiency because alcohol increases urinary excretion of magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency has been reported in up to 60 percent of alcoholics, and in nearly 90 percent of patients experiencing alcohol withdrawal.

Doctors should evaluate the need for extra magnesium in those who take alcohol in excess of what is recommended.

Based on published literature written by medical authorities, minor magnesium deficiency can cause the patient to experience appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and weakness.

As the deficiency worsens, it could eventually lead to numbness, tingling, muscle contractions and cramps. And if the patient reaches the point of severe magnesium deficiency, it could result in seizures, abnormal heart rhythms, coronary spasms, and personality changes as well.

Other common medical ailments that are associated with magnesium deficiency that could be prevented with supplements such as Trimag, include migraine, constipation, muscle cramps, and depression.

The Trianon magnesium supplement has been developed into easy-to-take capsules so that people can easily make it a part of their daily dietary intake. It is recommended to be taken at a dose of one to two capsules per day. Trimag is available in Mercury Drug and all leading drugstores nationwide.





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