Business With Passion: Inspirational Business Quotes from Johnlu Koa

24 06 2015

Johnlu Koa is the founder and CEO of French Baker.


Who is he?
Johnlu Koa is a 1980 Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman with a degree in Business Administration. A year after his graduation, Johnlu worked as a professor at UP and became a College Secretary at 25 years old.

While teaching at UP, Johnlu was inspired, after a visit to Lourdes, France in 1985, to start a bakery that would offer French goods. Johnlu opened his first French Baker store in 1989 at SM North Edsa upon the invitation ofHenry Sy.

Johnlu wanted to bring an image of “culinary excellence and a unique dining experience” without burning a hole on customer’s pocket. He resigned from being a UP professor in 1995 and went on to manage his business full-time.

The French Baker today has more than 50 branches nationwide where most of their branches are located in Metro Manila. Johnlu and his wife is also the distributor of European luxury women’s brand, Escada.


His Quotes:


“I’m always passionate about investing my time in everything I do.”


“Knowledge empowers you to do more… if I didn’t strive to find more delicious ways of making food, I think I wouldn’t have lasted this long.”


“I always think forward—I always move forward, I take two steps ahead, so that even before you come across challenges, you’re already at your goal.”


“The young should see business as an opportunity of turning their passion into an opportunity that could even solve problems in a particular industry.”


“In the case of the Philippine management system I’ve realized along the way that in doing things, executives cannot get out of this practice—and that’s what really occupies a lot of my time.”


“In your chosen market, (ask) what is Missing, Irritating, Disappointing and Annoying. If you can answer all that, and avoid them in building your business, you’re sure to succeed—beautifully.” The Manila Times


“I realized that if I wanted my business to grow, I had to learn all that I could. I started getting my hands dirty…”


“I believe in giving added value, I am constantly striving for knowledge to improve, and, most importantly, it is my obstinate belief that I can be better than anybody else in this category!” Inquirer


“There is no such thing as a perfect formula… it’s a constant struggle between changing the strategy and changing the concept, until you will just be surprised that [the struggle]” was all worth it.”


“To live is to enjoy—to stop and smell the flowers. Don’t go too fast living life. Stop for a cup of tea because it won’t burn your pocket. Stay for a cup of coffee and spend quality time with your loved even for just a few moments.”





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