If You Drink Warm Water With Lemon For A Year Here Is What Will Happen

24 03 2015

Author: Laura Lewitzky |


It is becoming clear that lemon does not only decrease thirst but also takes care of the body in general. The effects it provides are simply amazing.

From the moment we wake up our body tissues require immediate hydration to renew their cells and just refresh.

Controls the pH Balance

Lemons are typical alkaline foods. Despite their acidic properties, when consumed, they behave as alkaline.

Helps Digestion

Gastrointestinal tract and peristalsis, the waves of the muscle contractions inside the intestinal walls that move things around, can be immensely stimulated by warm lemon water. The digestive tract can easily defend itself from toxins and destroy them when lemons are part of our everyday nutrition.

Clears Skin

Blemishes and wrinkles can be induced by regularly consuming vitamin C. Blood toxins, which are also harmful for the skin, can be cleared by drinking lemon water on a daily basis.

Empowers the Immune System

Colds are very easily treated by taking vitamin C. Since lemons are full of potassium, the brain gets stimulated and the nerve function improves. Potassium also has a task of regulating the blood pressure. Aside from this, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties, and has a key role in fighting asthma and several other respiratory diseases. In addition, it initiates the iron absorption in the body; the iron is known to be extremely important for the immune function.

  • Supplies the body with electrolytes that help the body hydrate
  • Reduces the joint and muscle pain
  • It is more effective than food in producing enzymes
  • Modulates the blood pressure
  • Provides cancer protection
  • Controls the weight loss
  • Enables dissolving of gallstones, kidney stones, pancreatic stones, and calcium deposits
  • Helps to relieve heartburn
  • Dilutes uric acid, which if built up, may cause joint pain
  • Promotes healing. It enables the skin to recover from scar tissues and blemishes. Also, it protects the bones the body tissues and cartilages.

Despite the fact that lemons are extraordinary beneficial for the body, it is recommendable to dilute in water; another reason for this is because the water-lemon duo provides additional beneficial characteristics to the body. Combine half a cup of warm water and one half of lemon’s juice and enjoy.

The best way to consume this is early in the morning before any meal. Keep the lemon water bottle on your nightstand and this will become your routine in no time.




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